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Jimmy Needham - Lost At Sea lyrics

How could you see what you see and not totally
Want to discontinue me for all eternity and then some
It bothers me so that I could be so
Completely unaffected when connected to the holy one
And so I sit here and stare at this page and wonder
At what age it will become clear to me
So for now I am clueless to how you do this
And how you move this spirit in me

I’m going Your way
Even though I cannot see in front of me
Oh and I’m going Your way
Even though I feel lost at sea
Yea, yea, yea

How could your favor be the flavor I savor
When the fruits of my labor are so unfavorable
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And old pages are setting the stages for something outrageous
A man who can save all our souls
And you know and you know, you know, you know


Ride the wave, wave goodbye, by the way did I mention today
That I don’t know the way home
So could you take me by the hand and lead me to the dryer land
So I can finally breathe again instead of sinking like a stone
And now I will diligently and not religiously but affectionately come
Before the throne of your grace in this place and seek your face
For all eternity and then some


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