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Kazem Al-Saher - Sadaf lyrics

تجمع صدف عالبحر وأتمنى تجمعني
She is collecting clamshells In the sea ,I hope she would collect me شفتها وطار الگلب والعقل ودعني
When I saw her my heart flied and my mind left me ترسم گلب بيه سهم والسهم في صدري
She is drawing a heart containing a dart and the dart is inside my chest جيبي القهر والألم خليه على قهري
Bring the your sadness and pain and put it over my sadness شريان گلبي وتــر إعزف وسمعني
My heart's artery is a tendon I will strum on it ,hear me كتبتلها فوگ الرمل إسمي وعنواني
I wrote to her on the sand my name and my address ردت علية يارجل خليني بأحزانيKazem Al-Saher - Sadaf - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/sadaf-lyrics.html
She answered oh man let me with my sadness حملت السلة ومشت وشمس العصر ودعت
She carried the basket and left ,then the sun farewell me وأنا شريان گلبي وتــر إعزف وسمعنــي
My heart's artery is a tendon I will strum on it ,hear me كتبتلي فوگ الرمل موعدنة بالعشرة
She wrote to me on the sand that our date at 10 o'clock وصار اللقاء الحلو وإشتبكت العــشــرة
And the nice date passed and the companiship had been involved تصرفت مثل الطفل معذور ضاع العقل
I behaved like a child ,im excused because my mind had been lost
Lak shirian galbi watar a3zif wsma3ni

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