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Lady GaGa - One lyrics

(Verse 1)I am the One, One,
One oh oh! I can bring the roofs down One by One.
But I can't be won. I can't stop myself from being
the first One, first One. Being the One is fun.
But my job here is not done.

(Chorus) We're in the club being who we are.
After that we'll go to the bar.
The One thing I know about you is that you are the One to two.

(Verse 2) Ooo I'm thinking about the wonderful times
we've had but my friends are bad.
I've kept too many secrets from everyone but you andLady GaGa - One -
I will always have fun. I'm just One of a kind. You know the One!


[Bridge] The thing that everyone says about that shit
today I am not the One who is gay.
Judas is our demon that's not a sin,
but don't try to make your heart made out of tin.

(Chorus) You shit-talk but I'm gonna take a walk you
are mean enough to pay the One, the One
(One, One, One, One)

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