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Lee Scratch Perry - Set Them Free lyrics

Set them free
Set them free

"Now, this supposed to be
The trial of Emmanuel Zechariah Zechipaul
Adolfus James, and Lord Grabandflee
So listen carefully all you juries"

"Your honor, may I introduce myself?"

"Yes you may"

"My name is Lord Defender
May I speak on behalf of my clients?"

"Yes you may"

"Well, I don't think it's fair
To sentence these men to five hundred years"

"Are you suggesting that I'm unfair?"Lee Scratch Perry - Set Them Free - http://motolyrics.com/lee-scratch-perry/set-them-free-lyrics.html

"No, your honor, but as you see
They are from a poor generation
Having no education, no qualification
So they are driven to desperation
Can't get a job, they have been forced to rob
I'm not suggesting that they should
But as you know, a hungry man is an angry one
So give them a chance, your honor, please
Think it over, before you throw them over
Please give them a break, to mend their mistake
Your honor, as you already know that robbery was from creation
For it was robbery that befall the black nation
Our ancestors once ruled this world and all its gold
But now we are poor, who stole the gold?
Your honor, could you answer me that question?
If you can't, then there must be silent teeth
As well as and wailing thiefs
So please think it over, your honor, before you throw them over
Give them a break, to mend their mistake"

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