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Lee Scratch Perry - Soul rebel lyrics

The race is not for the Swiss,
Neither the battle for the French,
The race is not for the weak,
Neither the battle for the strong,
But for they who can endure it to the end.

For I am a rebel, the rebel
- Soul rebel -
Who trap the Devil,
Who trap the Devil.
I'm a conqueror
And I'm a bonkeror
- Soul adventurer - I say,

God is a living man
A living power plant
And I got works, lots of works to do. I say,
And if I ain't acting living, living good
Dem I'm gonna travel wild,
And travel, and be a wild child,
Stop 'n' see, see, see the mornin' sun,
Mornin' sun risin' on the hill side.
He been a living goody-good, den he goin' to travel
wide, ahaheheheee!

I'm a rebel and di rebel,
And di rebel of di rebels,
Who search out the Devil,
Trap the Devil, trap the Devil.
And I am the conqueror,
The Duppy Conqueror, Demonic Conqueror,
- Soul adventurer -
Who conquer the Devils,
From all the levels.
I am a conqueror, the Conquering Lion,
- Soul Rebel -
Of the Tribe of Judah,
Judah, Judah, Judea.
I am elect of God, and the Light of the World,
earth rightful ruler,Lee Scratch Perry - Soul rebel - http://motolyrics.com/lee-scratch-perry/soul-rebel-lyrics.html
Who trap the Devil, oh yes!

See the morning sun, see the morning sun,
Rising on the hill side,
With a rainbow's sparkling eyes
And den de morning sun, and dem a livin good,
And den he gonna travel wide,
Ocean wide,
Say, ahhhh, I am the conqueror,
Di conquering conqueror,
And if I'm not livin' good, done their best of life,
Den I'm gonna travel wild,
And travel wild like a wild flower,

I am the rebel, rebel, rebel, rebel, rebel,
I am the rebel,
Who thrp the Devil.
Who trap Satan and trap Satan
I trap the Serpent,
Trap Medusa,and trap Medusa
Trap all di users.
Trap all abusers,
And trap confuser.
I am the rebel, who trap the Devil
With a higher Spirit Level,
From deep sea level.
And in Eden Law, and the words of the Law,
And the Jungle Law,
- Soul adventurer -
J-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-jungle Law.
s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sea bed Law (?)
I'm de rebel, who trap the Devil,
Trap Satan and trap Satan
Throw out di serpent,
Throw out the Teufel?????? and trap Medusa
Drop Hell, in, in,
To di Heaven Seven bells
And break them the spell, and say to the old Devil, Go
to Hell!

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