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Lenny Leblanc - Born To Worship lyrics

I was born to worship the Lord
That is why I sing
To give Him praise and lift up my voice
Is such a natural thing
And so I

Testify of His mercy and love
Glory my Heavenly Father above
Just one thing I'm sure of
I was born, you were born
Everything was made to worship Him

I used to wonder with
So many questions like
Is it really possible
Until my Jesus came
Into my heart of heartsLenny Leblanc - Born To Worship - http://motolyrics.com/lenny-leblanc/born-to-worship-lyrics.html
Now that's a miracle
And so I

There is nothing that
Compares to our God
Or the power of
His mighty name
From the earth until
The end of the stars
And forever His Kingdom
Will reign forever
He will reign
And so I
I was born
Born to worship
I was born
Born to worship the Lord

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