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Miley Cyrus - Charmed Kozaks Life lyrics

Yeah! here we are now, at the beginning of kozaks charmed life on every
Page. A chapter just begin with the charmed creat-ion of life on the planet
Of Kozaks through the charmed heavens are seven days of charmed life where
Ever I go.

every I go with every page is turning for everyone that believe in Kozaks
Charmed life forever through the light from the sunshine of Saint Leo
Charmed life on a planet together in the light of eternal.
Miley Cyrus - Charmed Kozaks Life -
3.I Know are kozaks life has come to end on earth to go new ife on the
Planet of Qeada Zaikhel Kosanic Kozaks with the help from the charmed
Angels forever.
I was bad to the bone my bones are shiver timbers because the ten little
Indians are coming to down from the dead to scalp anyone that stands in
There way with get over it.

Chorus:The best of both worlds:

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