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Miley Cyrus - I Want You Back lyrics

We are sitting here in silence
No one talking at all
And when I get home
You never give me a call
Is it what I said
What I did
I am really sorry

I want you back
Here in my heart
I want you back
Going to the start
I want you back
This is driving me crazy
I want you back
This could all go away mabey

You are hanging out with her
When you use to hang out with me
I am really sorry
And I want you to see
My sincer apology Miley Cyrus - I Want You Back -
When I see you

It feels like my heart is in two


I said you hated me
when you really don't
I am so sorry
please forgive me
I apologize for what I have done


You used to be my friend
why did it have to end
We have been friends forever
through whatever
When I am feeling down
You always come around


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