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Miley Cyrus - Life Has Its Own Route lyrics

Life is like an unpaved road
It's just keeps on spinnin' with it's bumps and turns
Ups and downs it's jumpin around!
You go through all hard times
You think you might not get through
Do I take a Right
Or do I take a Left
Life just seems to ramble on no matter the situation
Life has it's ups and downs
Sometimes you just need to get away

I know I've had my trouble
Making my desicions
Sometimes they aren't so great
I seeem to make it through theseMiley Cyrus - Life Has Its Own Route -
But times are gettin' harder and harder

You need a lot of parental support
They know the road and the ways of life
And can help you make it through the day

After a while you'll get used to the road
And the way that is going to be
I promise you'll get used to it...
You'll just have to see

Cause Life's Like a road
And it must go on
And it seems like it goes on forever and ever...
But no day you will have to relize just how fast it stops

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