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Miley Cyrus - Love To Last A Lifetime lyrics

This feeling I've got inside..
right now..right here
It's real and it's worth the price
right fear
I feel it drifting through the air (air,air)
I've never felt anything like this before
It's spinning around and
it's taking me over
But don't worry..cuz tonight
it's a good thing...I can feel it
It's not lustful,it's not easy
cuz's a love thing
yeah,I can see it [Chorus] What is this?
What is this feeling..that I'm feeling?
Is it love,is it love
what is this dream..that I'm dreaming?
Is it more is it moreMiley Cyrus - Love To Last A Lifetime -
is it more than enough to..
carry me over..across..the sky
whatever this feeling is
I can tell,that it's gonna ..
it's gonna..(oh,oh) last a lifetime This beating that I feel
inside my heart ..right now
it's so powerful and so damn magical
it could make the world spin around
I send it drifting through the air(air,air)
I've never dreamt like this before
It's just a glimpse of what
the Lord has in store..for me
in the path ahead of me..right now
I can feel it take me over
but's okay
because is more than it was before
before the morning and now
I feel it ..making it's way through the sky [chorous] If I could take this feeling

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