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  • Ahlstrom
  • Leonard/carswell
  • Eddie
  • ccm
  • christian contemporary
  • newsong
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Newsong - Wonderful One lyrics

Some say You're a lunatic
Some say You're not the One
Can't help but disagree with it
I believe You're God's own Son
I'm sure as a man can be
Knowing all You saved me from

I know first hand the miracle that You've done inside my heart
I'll gladly stand and testify just who You are

(You're the Wonderful One)
Every breath I take I want my life to bring You praise
(You're the Wonderful One)
I am so amazed by Your never-ending grace
(You're the Wonderful One)Newsong - Wonderful One -
And nothing in this world could separate me from Your love
You're the Wonderful One

Well I've seen all the evidence
Nothing else I need to know
I'm convinced that a world like this
Needs to know that there is hope

You help me in my helplessness
You heal me in my brokenness
Tell me how could I forget
The wonders of Your love

repeat chorus

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