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  • Ahlstrom
  • Leonard/lee
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  • Eddie
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Newsong - Wide Open lyrics

Heaven's gates were closed
and there seemed to be no hope
for fallen man
We were prisoners of our sin
With no way to enter in
but God had a plan
The Father knew there had to be
a perfect sacrifice
So Jesus came, a cross was raised
and when He laid down His life

Wide open, wide open
They nailed His arms wide open
After three days in a cold grave
the power of sin was broken
Now with outstretched arms
He welcomes in
Everyone who trusts in Him
His nail-scarred hands hold heaven's gates wide open
Newsong - Wide Open -
For so long my eyes were closed
I couldn't see a way of hope
For someone like me
And in my despair I cried
There's got to be more to this life
Lord help me please
And the Father said
There had to be a perfect sacrifice
That's why Jesus came, a cross was raised
and He laid down His life

repeat chorus

For every weary heart that aches
For every dream this world will break
There's a promise in its place
God has made a way

repeat chorus

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