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Delirious? - Prophet Song lyrics

I hear the words of the prophet
I love to sing with the angels
I love to hear children praying
I love to see weak made strong
But most of all, I love to hear the voice of God

I hear the prayers of the prayers
I hear the songs in the silence
I see the joy of the dancers
And all the healing they bring
But most of all I love to hear the voice of God.
Most of all I love to hear the voice of God.
Delirious? - Prophet Song -
We'll call on the name of the Lord
For He is the one who can save
He is the giver of life to the world
We'll hunger and thirst for your word
For here we will meet you Lord
The voice of the living God Jesus Christ

We long to see heaven open
And see your glory come down
We long to hear words eternal
Forever changing our hearts.
And if you'd come we'd love to hear the voice of God
Oh will you come we long to hear your voice oh God.

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