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  • Rock
  • 00s
  • australian
  • christian
  • christian rock
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Planetshakers - Glory To God lyrics

In my dream I saw you touch my heart

All at once I was still

A peace within me that could not compare to

All I'd known and all I'd seen

Your touch gave me life

And now I sing

Glory to God forever

I'll praise you now and ever

Your love floods my thirsty soul

All majesty and power

Are yours Almighty Father

Great is your Holy name
Planetshakers - Glory To God -
I've been thinking of you

In my thoughts I heard you call my name

I felt a stirring within

A new beginning and a new found passion

It made me call out your name

With a desire to see all men saved




Is the Lord God Almighty

You reign

You reign over the earth

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