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Tomorrow as I wake up at 12 P.M.
At that moment I'll enable my brainstem
I'll look down at my phone to check if you have called
In my absence from this physical world

As I suspected you have done your part to make contact
But my exhaustion was too deep to wake me from my nap
Directly after I am finished brushing my teeth
I'll punch your numbers, and see if you are in reach

Baby doll I think you've struck a chord in my heart
Your mass and mind rival that of Rene
Thinking through this isn't even an optionPlay Radio Play! - Jello -
As of ten minutes ago I already have fallen

Our nice clothes and a night out on the town
Walking through the busy streets of downtown
You think you've known me forever
I'll drive through hours of traffic so we can be together

Bright lights and the people make us feel real
Moments lost in context ideals
Stranger, Stranger, Stranger can we stay out just a little later
Stranger, Stranger, Stranger, Stranger

We're just little kids on the city streets
To have some fun oh the thing we will see

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