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Pokemon - Pichu Brothers Theme lyrics

They're the Pichu brothers,
but I'm sure you knew that
'Cause these two are known most far and wide
Try to guess the next place they'll turn up and
You see life's a blast with you best friend by your side

They see the world in their own unique way
an amusement park where everybody gets in free!
They never know what's in store for them each day
One things for sure, good times are garuntee!

Pichu, pichu, that's their name!
Pichu, pichu, fun's their game!
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Of course, there are days things don't go right
Even the best of buddies sometimes fight
And that's when they turn their whole world upside down!

(Lots of Pichu calls until next verse)

But bros like these can't stay mad for long,
In no time they're back where they belong
Side by side, it's Pichu and Pichu, oh yeah!

You won't see one without the other
These perfect pals stick brother to brother
Side by side it's Pichu and Pichu! Oh yeah!
Side by side, it's Pichu and Pichu! Yeah!

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