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Rachael Lampa - Lift Me Up lyrics

Climbing on a cloud
Dancing on a daydream
I don?t have a doubt
Just how good this life could be
You lift me up

Running in the rain
Singing in the sunshine
Telling all the world
Why I?m so in love with life
You lift me up


You lift me up
I?m touching the blue sky
You lift me up
I?m on top of the world
You lift me
I?m getting closer to heavenRachael Lampa - Lift Me Up - http://motolyrics.com/rachael-lampa/lift-me-up-lyrics.html
In every little thing I love
You lift me up

Heading for the stars
Riding on a moon beam
Taking me so far
Farther than I?ve ever been
You lift me up


And it?s so crystal clear
I'm in love
All I'll ever want
All I?ll ever need is right here
da da da da deed um da da da da deed do


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