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Rachael Lampa - Promise My Prayers lyrics

I'll cover, I'll cover you, I'll cover

Hey now you know it's true
After all that we've been through
You can count on me
When it comes down to the end
I will always be your friend
No matter where you go
I want you to know now

I promise my prayers
I promise my heart
I'll be thinking of you
Wherever you are
When the daylight is done
When the night is so dark
When i cannot be there
I promise my prayersRachael Lampa - Promise My Prayers - http://motolyrics.com/rachael-lampa/promise-my-prayers-lyrics.html
Down each road we take
We're joined together when we pray
No matter where life leads
I will lift you up
You'll be covered by His love
The angels will find you
I'm here to remind you now


I'll cover, I'll cover you, I'll cover

Beyond our understanding
His hand is moving and we
stand amazed
I pray His love will guide you
I know He's there beside you always


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