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[Verse 1]
Stop trying to be the next who's who
Only try to be the next you

He loves me like I am
He loves me like I am

Calling to the masses, "Come and see my ministry!"Rick Pino - Who's Who - http://motolyrics.com/rick-pino/whos-who-lyrics.html
You donʼt care about Your Fathers will, just wanna be on TV
Your gift can move the body and your gift can move the soul
But the peoples spirits stay dry as a bone
Too concerned about what the people think
Not concerned enough about what your Daddy thinks
They want all the right words and all the right songs
But He will even take you with your poopy diaper on
I could be the biggest mess in the whole world
But it doesn't change His love for me, He loves me like I am

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