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Smokie Norful - Live album
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Smokie Norful - I've Been Delivered lyrics

Here we go, it's old school now, get ready!
Put your hands together and get ready to give God praise
and glory in this place

Frustration mounting up on every side
Temptation trying to be my guide
Heartache has started speaking to me
But I declare right now in Jesus' name I'm free


Every place that Satan had me bound
God has stepped in and turned it all around
This one thing I know I'm sure of
I know I've been delivered
I've been delivered, I've been set free
Every chain that the Devil had on me
I've been released to walk in full potential
Can't hold me down, I'm going to the next levelSmokie Norful - I've Been Delivered -
This one thing I know I'm sure of
I know I've been delivered

Evil mounting up around my life
Tried to make me believe that day is now night
Trying to make me think that I've run out of time
The Devil tried to make me lose my mind


Now clap your hands like you know
Is there anybody that can declare that you know that
you're delivered tonight

I am delivered (7x)
Yes I am

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