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Antonio Neal - The Only One lyrics

You mean more to me than any words could say
You illuminate my path and lead the way
like a star you shine so bright that i can see your love for me
i never want to live a day without your touch
In your secret place is where i want to be
In your presence is everything that i need
You are my life, my love

You are the only one i need
You are the only God for me
I cannot move, cannot breathe
Unless You exhale in me

It is so sweet to know that you have drawn so close
And in return i lay my life down at your feet
Your desire is the song i want to know Antonio Neal - The Only One -
You are my song, my melody


You are my shelter, my comfort and peace
Your words I rely on Jesus, reveal your truth in me
You're my strong tower, Your refuge I seek
Bright and morning Star, I want to be where you are


Lord,I adore you, I adore you
Lord,I adore you and I bless your name
Lord I adore you, I adore you


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