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As I Come Into Your House Lyrics

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  • Hammond
  • Fred / Walker
  • Tommie / Cole
  • Marcus Randell / Rosario
  • Joann Judith
  • female vocalist
  • gospel
  • worship cocoon
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Joann Rosario - As I Come Into Your House lyrics

When I come into Your house
And I lay my burdens down
As I stop to look around
And Your loveliness invokes me to bow down
When I'm in Your house

Verse I
Looking at You I seem to forget
All my failed dreams and regrets
As I take in so picturesque
The wonderful view of Your holiness
As Your glory fills each space
I'm amazed that this could be my dwelling place

Repeat Chorus

Verse IIJoann Rosario - As I Come Into Your House -
As the storm clouds gather high
And the strong winds start to blow
Afternoon sky is black as night
That's when life feels so dark and cold
I lift my head, then my eyes
And I see You standing there
My dwelling place

Repeat Chorus (Repeat)

You are my dwelling place
You are a strong and solid tower
A shelter for my heart
You are
You are

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