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  • Hammond
  • Fred / Hanes
  • Luther / Rosario
  • Joann Judith
  • christian
  • female vocalist
  • gospel
  • hopefully
  • joann rosario
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Joann Rosario - Think Of Me lyrics

Verse I
Trying your best to put your life in order
Thoughts of the past grip tightly
And they won't let you go
You feel so bad and it seems you just can't face Me
And all the time you wear a smile
It's just for show
Keep your heart straight aimed in My direction
And the pain that troubles you will have to leave
I'll shower you with pure love and affection
I'm the one that can give you what you need

When life moves at a crazy pace
And your hopes and dreams seem to wash away
When your options seem to dissipate
Turn your heart and simply
Think of Me
I'm the one who cares
I'll lift you from your deep despair
What's shattered I can make it whole
Take the timeJoann Rosario - Think Of Me -
Think of Me

Verse II
When it's hard and your strength is failing
You're trying to hold, hold on to what you know is real
Tears that fall have now become too common
I'm the one who understands most how you feel
Stay with Me and in that become much closer
And when the water's rough
Count on Me to safely guide you through
Peace of mind is real not just a notion
But count on Me to give it all to you

Hold my hand and just believe My word you'll find is true
There's rest for you where the green pastures grow
And when you think of Me you'll find I'm not so far away
I'll faithfully lead you where still waters flow
Keep your thoughts on Me

Repeat Chorus

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