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  • Hindalong
  • Steve J. / Daugherty
  • Derald E.
  • Rock
  • christian
  • christian rock
  • diego 12
  • worship
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Sonicflood - More Than Anything lyrics

A star in the silver morning light
Lord, I want to see You
Whisper in the stillness of the night
Lord I want to hear You
Morningstar, glorious light
Gentle spirit in the night

More than anything in my life
More than anything my soul desires
Holy fire in the dark
Of my heart of hearts
How I need You
How I love You Sonicflood - More Than Anything -
More than anything

How sweet, the rain that falls on
barren land
So much more I need You
Divine the grace that heals a
broken man
Precious Lord, I love You

Precious Lord
How I need You
Let me hear You
Let me know You more

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