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here is my star, see she shines in the light of day, never see her light, here is my star see how she shines, in the basket sky, i keep her mine,
she keeps making cirles in my head(3x)
at lover's gate, here i stand
no one to hold, to hold my hand here in the cold, see my star land

she is this obsession in my life(3x)
(so/and) tell me now
why'd you have to be
why'd you have be so cold
you didn't have to be,
you didn't have to be so coldStonefree - My Star -
i look much older some they say
it feels much colder in this place
it seems so empty,
with out my star i feel no warmth
i raise my hand to meet the light

stared at my star til' i was blind
here is my star is it mine?

so quit this perversion in my mind(3x)
stared at my star, til' i was blind
here is my star is it mine??

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