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Texas In July - Back And To The Left lyrics

This town was built on miles of hope
And I dare you to give one reason to stay
And maybe I won´t go away.
So far you only dared me once
And I think we know that´s not even close enough.
Not enough for me to stay.
It costs so much I know.
But I guess I need to know what it would have felt like to be right.
But I´m getting tired all over again so hurry up
And get here because I´m still waiting...Texas In July - Back And To The Left - http://motolyrics.com/texas-in-july/back-and-to-the-left-lyrics.html
Just like I´ve always been.
I´m getting tired of standing around,
Just sitting here and waiting to be found.
Same old shit just a different day.
I´ll wait around for one more day
But I know that´s what I will always say.
Will this ever be O.K.?
I will always worry about you.
I will always stick up for you.

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