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Texas In July - Bring It On lyrics

Punk rock shows
Leather jacket
But sweet brown eyes
Flunk the test
Drive me wild
Crash the car
Flash that wicked smile

Out late on a Saturday night
You come around and you're lookin' alright
Catch your eye
Leave my friends here
Down your drink
And we'll disappear

Under a starlit sky
Outside watch the cars pass by
Find out what's on your mind
Bring it on
Make me like it
Make it worth it
Turn it on
Like a light switchTexas In July - Bring It On - http://motolyrics.com/texas-in-july/bring-it-on-lyrics.html
Make it worth it
Bring it on

Live the movie
Live the life
Different story every night
Make me twist
Make me shout
Hit the bottle baby
Let it all out

In a different world
At a different time
In a different state of mind
Take things slowly
See right through me
Yeah you do
You see right through

Punk rock shows
Leather jacket
What a sweet surprise

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