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The Vaccines - Pour Out My Heart lyrics

Nigga I don't sleep or wink, Sneeze or blink
I pour my heart into this shit, Man I bleed through it
I'm quick to leave the page bloody
Momma had a handsome boy but I was raised ugly
Though I stayed lucky, Roamed like a stray puppy
Through these cold streets, Realized death was the consequence of most beef
Los keep ya head up, Don't get sidetracked
See niggas ride out and get a hospital ride back
Besides that, I was born in the west
Raised in the east, Man I stayed in the streets
Played with the heat, That's a dangerous game
Me and my cousin used to chase strangers with the banger
Rages of my anger came, Fucked around played with cane
I was helpin out, I ain't see it as a major thing
But to him, It was all he hadThe Vaccines - Pour Out My Heart -
No father, The streets is what he called his dad
Shit, Mad at the world now
16 years old, This street life
God damn, This thing here it's cold
But fuck it, Throw on ya hoody and thug it
Come out early and hug ya strip like you love it
If you want it, Nigga please
This shits addictive like nicotine
Money clothes and hoes, The lifestyle that a nigga fiend
The bigger dream was in me, Deeper than a demons envy
No sleepin on these certain niggas, They just seemin friendly
Niggas be schemin plenty, But dig my logic
For some strange reason, I felt safe in the projects
Had to wait for the process, Digest this life
To much to take it all in in one bite

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