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Vic Damone - Crystal Chandelier lyrics

Oh, the crystal chandeliers
Light up the paintings on your wall
The marble statuettes
Are standing stately in the hall
But will the timely crowd
That has you laughing loud
Help you dry your tears
When the new wears off of
Your crystal chandeliers

I never did fit in too well
With those you knew
And it's plain to see
That the likes of me
Don't it too well with you

Cause you traded me forVic Damone - Crystal Chandelier -
The gaeity of the well to do
And you turned away from
The love I offered you


I see your picture in the paper
Almost every day
And you're the chosen girl
Of the social crowd
So the stories say

But a paper smile only lasts awhile
And then it fades away
And the love we know will
Come home to you someday


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