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Vocaloid - Alice of Human Sacrifice lyrics

The first Alice was a wrathful woman of the Spade, and righteously she held a sharpened blade within her hand,
Never hesitating to slay all within her way, creating paths of blood that followed her through Wonderland,
Deep into the darkened forest, Alice walked the line,
Captured and imprisoned as an embodiment of sin,
If it were not for the murderous wake left behind, no one would have suspected that she had ever been. The second Alice was a fragile man of the Diamond, the broken echo of the lies within demented words,
He sang his twisted melodies to all in Wonderland, creating the image of the sick and the disturbed,
Deadly yet so beautiful, a voice just like a rose,
Was shot by a madman, who silenced him to death,
Single rose bloomed in his place, with no music composed,
With twisted grin this dying man lay breathing his last breath. The third Alice was an innocent young girl of Club, an enchanting, graceful figure in the world of Wonderland,Vocaloid - Alice of Human Sacrifice - http://motolyrics.com/vocaloid/alice-of-human-sacrifice-lyrics.html
She charmed the people in the land to every beck and call, a peculiar country answering to each command,
So she rose into the throne to be the country's queen, consumed by paranoia of her own impending death,
Soon the queen succumbed to a dark and nightmarish dream, disguised in kindness, loathing fate, she secured her regime. And as this passed, two children walked in the woods,
Drinking tea underneath the trees, they'd never part,
They found an invitation to the queen, it was the Ace of Hearts. The fourth Alice was a duo of curiosity, both were lost and could not find the boat where they began,
And so they ran through countless doors so recklessly, a brother and a sister running wild in Wonderland,
A stubborn elder sister, a witty younger brother,
But they had strayed too far into Alice's Wonderland,
They were never woken from their terrifying dream,
Forever they would wander in this twisted fairytale. Who is the next Alice?

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