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Vocaloid - Meltdown lyrics

This town, alone, I feel it like a brilliant light
My ether dreams, so cold I fall numb.
The edge of morning cutting through my sleepless night
This fantasy begins to fade. My lantern dims as it starves for oil,
But still a fire burns deep in my chest.
I feel the heat, my blood soon to boil,
If only lies could cure the flames from my breast. That night I dream of wrapping my hands 'round your neck,
I fight the glare of the sun as it pours into me, flowing freely,
Tears from my eyes form watery specks,
on your cheeks. Pain as you struggle, you're gasping for air. I'll Let my reactor meltdown,
So I can dive into the core,
Just let me cry,
And all my pain will surrender to the radiating blue glow,
Please let my reactor meltdown,
and I will dive into the core,
Just let it go,
I want the light to destroy me so that I can be at peace once more. I'm standing on the edge of a balcony,
The sound of shoes still climbing the stairs,
is distant but the sky is near with agony,
It glares at me from window panes. The twilight scatters blazing with stars,
The sun is red with fire that burns in my eyes.
The light is fading, sky growing dark,
My world is wounded, little by little, dying. One night I dream of clasping my hands 'round your throat,
beneath an open window, the breeze it chills me, slowly kills me.
You speak the words that I left in my note,
They flow like froth from your lips, deserted and dry. I'll let my reactor meltdown,
So I can dive into the core,Vocaloid - Meltdown - http://motolyrics.com/vocaloid/meltdown-lyrics.html
Just let me fly,
All my memories fading, melting in the glowing light.
Just let my reactor meltdown,
For I must dive into the core,
I want to feel,
As I did in the time of my sleeping eternity. The time-keep's hands,
Are ceaseless as the crowd expands,
On the TV show,
But I cannot understand,
The echo of the growing murmur,
The nagging laughter,
people that I don't recognize. Allegro, Agita,
My ears are ringing. I can't make it stop.
Allegro, Agita,
My ears keep on ringing please don't let it stop. Last night I dreamed of everyone suddenly gone,
But I remained, abandoned, the air grew heavy, crushing me,
The night fell silent with no hope for dawn,
The empty weight of nothing is suffocating! I'll let my reactor meltdown,
So I can dive into the core,
And I will fly,
I feel that now I must vanish, I know that I've got to try.
Please let my reactor meltdown,
So I can dive into the core,
And I will die,
For a morning without me is all that I have left to give to my perfect world.
Now I am fine.

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