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People hug and give each other kisses
Holding hands and walking side by side
But everytime I try to charm a lady she runs away...

What am I doing wrong?
Is it the dubstep in my song, when I go

(Singing dubstep sounds)

Excuse me, miss.. but do you like the dubstep?

(Singing dubstep sounds)


Oh, will I ever find someone
or will I die alone?

Endless streams of loveletters, and roses
Serenades from men with big guitars.
Famous men are asking me for dinner
I think I'll pass.

Oh, where is my prince charming who will cuddle with
my hair and whisper...

(Singing dubstep sounds)

Will I meet a man who also likes to

(Singing dubstep sounds)

I guess I'll never know...

Alternating girl-boy:Ylvis - Someone Like Me - http://motolyrics.com/ylvis/someone-like-me-lyrics.html

Will I find.
Oh, will I ever find that someone who.
Can sing wuu.
Can sing the wu wu wu wu wu wuuu.
Do the ring.
I'll do the ri ri ri ri ri ri ring for you.
Oh my God
Who is that singing?
Someone who also likes the dub.
The dub... The step...
We both like dubstep.

Alternating boy-girl:

Please just take these fucking flowers!
Let's move in together!
We'll have children!
I'll make cupcakes!

I will massage your shoulders daily!
I'll make you dinner when you come home from work!
I'll play James Blunt-songs from a CD!
Let's buy a car!

I'll make you an omelette for breakfast!
I'll do dishes for you!
Let's watch the last season of Madmen together!
I fucking love you! x2

You cock-sucking son of a bitch!


I'll get down on my knees
and ask you..
Will you marry me?

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