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Aaron Shust - Like I Never Felt Before lyrics

(Been) training all this time

I'm at the starting line

A marathon I'm gonna have to run

In such a way as if to win the prize

And I believe

Even though I can't see

All the athletes from days gone by

Are in the stadium surrounding me

And in the days

Before the final phase

I sacrificed the things that held me down

And concentratedly I fixed my gaze.

A shot resounds

My heart begins to pound

And I begin to know what it's like

To run as if I had nobody around

And I feel like I never felt before

I ran through the open door

And I feel like I never felt beforeAaron Shust - Like I Never Felt Before - http://motolyrics.com/aaron-shust/like-i-never-felt-before-lyrics.html

And it seems You're aware of so much more

Than I gave You credit for

And I feel like I never felt before

Climbing high

I can almost touch the sky

But every time I'm halfway there

I think I'll never reach the top alive

But I'm aware

I'm safely in Your care

And with Your help I'll never face a day

That I am unable to bear

You taught me to crawl

You taught be to stand

You taught me run one step at a time

And watch out for the quicksand

You taught me to live

You taught me to die

You taught me to spread My wings and how to fly

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