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Aaron Shust - Life Itself lyrics

Before the break of dawn

My heart cries out to You

Where I'm surrounded by my night

Here all my weaknesses will wait upon Your mercy

The hope of dawn from black to white

From black to white

I love You more than life itself

Lord, You are so good to me

I need You more with every breath

So won't You breathe some life in me

Won't You breathe some life in me

Awakening the dawn, with all my heartAaron Shust - Life Itself - http://motolyrics.com/aaron-shust/life-itself-lyrics.html

I sing to You

You are the reaSon that I live

Under me, over, all around I know You're with me

Never condemning: You forgive

No matter where I go

No matter where I stand

Your Spirit always speaks to me

And tells me whose I am

With every breath I take

And every choice I make

My heart will always sing to You

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