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Anthony Evans - Hallelujah lyrics

(Verse 1)
Whom have I in Heaven adored
But you my Jesus
There's nothing on Earth I desire but you
But you my Jesus
My heart may fail
But your love prevails
Enduring forever
Forever exalted
Your name will be lifted on high
And Lord I cry
Savior you are my refuge and my stregth
All thats within me will sing

(Verse 2)
Your righteousness covers me all of my daysAnthony Evans - Hallelujah -

Your right hand with me
My enemies fall at the sound of your name
You are with me
O through the blood
I've overcome
To you be the glory


I'll join with the heavens the angels and saints
I will lift up my voice
And I'll proclaim
Your marvelous
Your wonderful
Your worthy of all my praise


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