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David Phelps - Life Is A Church lyrics

Verse 1:
Watching the surf cover up my toes
Breathing the salt air from the coast
Ten years old with my eyes pressed closed
Life is a church, Life is a church

Remembering first loves tender kiss
Mourning the loss of my innocence
The bitter sweet taste of it on my lips

Life is a church
These are the sacraments
This is the altar
Love is the spirit
Making the blue planet turn
Life is church David Phelps - Life Is A Church - http://motolyrics.com/david-phelps/life-is-a-church-lyrics.html

Verse 2:
Watching my baby being born
Written all over you pain and joy
Holding your hand it's a little boy


Verse 3:
Ashes to ashes
Earth to earth
The preacher throws in the first hand full of dirt
My little boy asks me does goodbye always hurt
Life is a church, Life is a church


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