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Big Daddy Weave - Save My Life lyrics

Deep inside, down in the darkest part of my heart
Where what I'm ashamed of tries to hide
And tells me that things are fine just the way they are

I'm so afraid of anyone finding out about these chains
I'm starting to believe there's no way
The pieces of me I hate are ever gonna change

Oh how I need You
See, here's my broken heart
I lift it up, it's empty of the foolish pride
I no longer try to hideBig Daddy Weave - Save My Life -
Please hear my desperate plea, come and rescue me
Cause I realize tonight
I need You to save my life

All my life I've been running from the light or Your truth
Holding back a part of me I should've given You
Because I never knew there was freedom just outside
So I can't stand living with these lies

I don't want there to ever be one more day
When I can't see just how desperately
I'm in need of You

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