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Big Daddy Weave - Stay lyrics

I've seen the flash of lightning
I've heard the rolling thunder
I've seen the crashing of the waves
And though I've known Your Presence
and been filled with wonder
Still there are many things that pull me away
Don't let me go, hold me close because

I don't want to hurt You anymore
I don't want to waste another day
'Cause it breaks Your heart, it breaks Your heart
When I keep walking away

You know what it means to sacrificeBig Daddy Weave - Stay -
But You tell me that it's better to obey
You've giving me a thousand brand new starts
Jesus, give me what it takes to stay

I've seen Your hand of mercy through my darkest failures
And on the other side You've covered me with grace
And like a child lost and afraid, You come and find this runaway
And in Your loving arms You bring me home again
But what's it gonna take to make me stay

Break my heart with what breaks Yours
Until You're all I'm living for
Show me what it means not just to believe but to remain

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