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Darwin Hobbs - Free lyrics

free from my past
Free from the pain
Free from the guilt that would cause me to be ashame
Once i was blind
but now i see
clearly the debt that i owe Jesus paid for me
No more chains are binding me
i'm totally free

Verse 1
even my human desires
deisre to crucify my soul
could not await the
the fact that you made me whole
time after time i remind myself
that your mercies each day are new
help me oh Lord to establishDarwin Hobbs - Free - http://motolyrics.com/darwin-hobbs/free-lyrics.html
and know that at calvary i was redeemed


Verse 2
even though i was a sinner
you commended your grace and your love toward me
saved me from death and destruction
gave me life eternally
not after my sins have you dealt with me lord
i'm so grateful for all you do
iniquity doesn't take my reward
you still love me and tell i am your own


musical interlude

(Take it up) chorus

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