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Elevation Worship - God Who Answers Prayer lyrics

Verse 1:
God who answers prayer
Sees me in my need
Runs to my despair
Your promise I believe

That You Are, You Are, You Are God

Bless the Lord with all that's within o my soul
I cry out with all that I am make me whole
Here I stand I place all my hope in youElevation Worship - God Who Answers Prayer - http://motolyrics.com/elevation-worship/god-who-answers-prayer-lyrics.html
My Healer will see me through

Verse 2:
God who answers prayer
Faithful you will be
In my darkest hour
Your promise I believe

My Savior, my God on High
The One who has brought me life
I surrender all that I am
Into your hands, I'm in your hands

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