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Kristian Stanfill - Go lyrics

We are the sons and daughters
Children of a Holy Father
Called from the dark for purpose
His Spirit living in us

We are the ones to carry
The truth of a greater story
Of life and love and freedom
Go now, tell everyone

This is a call, now everybody follow
Go tell the world that Jesus reigns
Go the broken, go to the helpless
Go set the captive free

Come one, come allKristian Stanfill - Go -
Come young, come old
Come everyone

Good news for the brokenhearted
For the ones who mourn in darkness
God gives relief and gladness
Beauty for piles of ashes

Come now from every nation
Come join this celebration
The center of our praises
King Jesus our salvation

Go, go, go tell everyone
Go, go, go tell everyone
Go, go tell everyone you know

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