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Ian Tyson - What Does She See lyrics

This is the girl with everything
And everyone waiting at her beck and call
Well read and well bred and lovely as sunrise
This is the girl with it all.

What does she see
What does she see in that old cowboy
He's no longer young
The battles that he's won
They're all in the past.
She could have so much more. Ian Tyson - What Does She See - http://motolyrics.com/ian-tyson/what-does-she-see-lyrics.html
Then they walk through the door
And her eyes never leave him.
It's plain to see to fools like me.
She's happy at last.

He takes her walking through fields of blue bonnets.
He takes her dancing down in Mexican town.
And she cries for him when he's off to Montana.
And me, I'm just hangin' around.


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