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Kirk Franklin - The Appeal lyrics

Lord, I stand in Your presence
Wanting You and needing You
And I am here and I surrender
All of me so I can see

Your will is where I desire to be
Take all of me
All that I have and all that I do
I give it to You, Lord, it's for You

Just take my hand
And I'll follow You
For all that I am
And all that I do, it's for You

You are my song
It's Your love that keeps me strong
And You are the light
In the darkness of my night

I'm lost without You
Broken without You
Oh, how I need You
Oh, how I need You

You make life worth living
Your grace always keep giving

I'm lost without You
Broken without You
Oh, how I need You
Oh, how I need You

Lord, have mercy, Lord have mercy
Ooh, have mercy
We need Your healing
Please give us healing

Lord, have mercyKirk Franklin - The Appeal -
Have mercy

Lord, have mercy
Have mercy

Oh Lord, Lord, I come
Broken in this place
Weak and poor
For all I have is Yours, all Yours

This life, these things
They can't compare to You
No wealth, no fame can separate
The one my heart adores

Yet, we take our eyes off You
We're blind in reaching for the truth
And now this whole world cries
Because it realizes

There is none quite like You
The earth, the stars, the universe
They just repeat these words so true

Life begins and life will end with You
Hear me singing

When I die, what will they say about me?
Will the work that I've done
Be enough to help someone?
When I die, will I draw men's hearts to You?

At the setting of the sun
Wanna hear You say
Well done, when I die
Well done, well done

I know He will make me the spirit and the [Incomprehensible]

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