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Byron Cage - Invitation lyrics

Come into this place

Lead us with your grace

We invite you in

How many of you want the present of the Lord in this place.

Do you have anticipation?

Your arrival

God we anticipate tonight you anointed

Your spirited Jesus

In this place, Hallelujah

Your power

Is everyone that needs the Holy Ghost to fall in the room tonight?

Come on sing it your mercy Jesus

We invite you in

So come on and Lift your hands unto heaven right now
and say come into this place

Greet us with your grace, hallelujah

Tell them we invite you in Jesus Hallelujah

Now if you want them to come in there make some noise in this place.

Come on somebody


Come on lord god almighty tonight

We your people will stand in here

We will give you Jesus
Byron Cage - Invitation -
Don't know what he is say and you never will unless you ask him

Let begin to open your mouth and evoke the Lord,
Lord rest in our mist of your people do what you desire
to do Lord, come on if you want to tell him, come on say, say come on

Free me yeah

You are here Jesus, feeling in, is anybody where today?

Come on

Say Lord

To enter into the comfort of the Lord

Lord, we come to say that you welcome

Into our hearts Lord

Come on

Come on tell him to move freely

Do what you want to do in this place

Say Lord

Come on say it with me tonight

You welcome Jesus

Lord we welcome you into this place

Tell him


Come on tell him, Lord God almighty in your worship

We honor you

We will

Come on somebody do it tonight

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