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Byron Cage - When He Comes Back lyrics

When He Comes Back
Byron Cage

Lead Verse 1
Ahh Beloved, Beloved, now are we the Sons of God and it does not yet appear, what we shall be but we know, when He shall appear.

Chorus 1
When He Comes Back for Me, And every eye shall behold him,
I'm going to live with the Lord

Lead Verse 2
When the trumpet, of God shall sound, and the Dead in Christ, they'll rise, and then when we which are still alive, we're going to be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye.

Chorus 1

Chorus Verse
Where the wicket shall cease from troubling, and the weary they shall be at rest, and it when all of the saint's come together and we'll live in the promise land.
Byron Cage - When He Comes Back -
Chorus 1

I'm going back (4x)

take it up
I'm going back (4x)

take it up
Oh, Oh,
I'm going back (4x)

[repeat] Vamp

Chorus 1

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