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Kurt Carr - They Didn't Know lyrics

Jerusalem on a dusty road
An innocent man condemned to death
Bore a cross on his shoulders
they didn't know
Down the via dolorosa
He staggered in agony
As he looked upon the hatred
In the eyes of his own seed
They didn't know

They didn't know
He was enduring this for them
So they could live forever more
In paradise with him
They didn't know one day they'd sing his praise
With fear and trembling
They didn't recognize the king that kings called king

He didn't have to die for me
He could have just set himself free
He could have come down from the cross at Calvary

But instead He was wounded for our transgressionsKurt Carr - They Didn't Know - http://motolyrics.com/kurt-carr/they-didnt-know-lyrics.html
and He was bruised for our iniquity


And by his stripes we are healed
oh what an awesome price He paid for me
The hung him high
And stretched him wide
They nailed his hands and feet
And pierced him in the side
They didn't know
Look at my savior hanging there
Suffering, bleeding, dying for me and you
Oh Jesus never said a mumbling word but father they know not what they do
And He bowed his head, hung his head and He died (2x)
My Jesus bowed his head hung his head and He died(2x)
But on the third day
On the third day (2x)
Jesus rose
He rose (3x)
Jesus rose
With authority
He rose
Rose (2x)
He rose

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