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Marvin Sapp - Unrestricted Praise lyrics

Verse 1
When I woke up early this morning
Lord, I felt Your sunlight on me.
And it only serves to remind me
of how You rose to set me free.
and it also seems to remind me
life is filled with ups and downs.
And in the midst of major catastrophe,
I can count on You,
You will never let me down.
And when I consider all the things You've down for me.

(I can lift) my hands,
(do) my dance
(in spite of my) circumstance
(and all of life's) heaviness;
unrestricted praise.

Verse 2
When I think of all the ways You've made
and how You brought me out,
joy just bubbles over inside of me,
I try to hold it in, but I've got to let it out,
this feeling I can't explain.


Don't focus on where you are, Marvin Sapp - Unrestricted Praise -
or what you might be going through,
just trust in the Lord of hosts
and know that He's figting for you.


Vamp 1
Now I send my praise up,
to You my hands are raised up,
to render, surrender unrestricted praise.

Not just as a token,
but my heart is broken,
worship You for all my days.

Vamp 2
Praise Him,
praise Him,
praise Him,
unrestricted praise.

Vamp 3

Vamp 4
Unrestricted praise.

Praise Him

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