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Paul Colman Trio - Fill My Cup lyrics

Fill my cup to the top with running water
call me out and show me how

come on you lately
come on and rescue me
be at you lately
but I been more at me
love is a lesson
I never learned in school
sick in bed that day
and so I play your fool

sick of this seesaw
of going up and down
promised consistency to you
in my wedding vow
call me up
whisper in my ear
feel like a calendar
from another year

(chorus 2x)
Paul Colman Trio - Fill My Cup -
talk to me
without manipulation
shoot from your hip
you'll shock the congregation
wake me up
whenever supper's ready
break bread and wine
but still I'm feelin empty

(chorus 2x)
You gotta show me how
show me how

sock it to me

(chorus 4x)
you gotta fill
my cup
to the top
to the top
to the top
with your running water
you gotta show me how

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