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[Intro: movie sample] Get out of here you dig old bastard Go on get your ass out of here *machine gun fire* *man panting and moaning* *baby crying* [Chorus 2X: Warcloud] I love rap like the young lady over laughing I watch a cockroach on the white door frozen daiquiri athlete [Warcloud] Aiyo, I Charley twenty seven of you raps soldier's torpedoes Gun flame Banditos, leak you, slump you finito Chronicles and memoirs, coconut Pontremolli man Like a dead horse pump a Tomahawk 'til the drama stop Then I'ma walk, yo everything is yo Exotic, bionic like 'Winter of Red Snow' Library of old maps, radios and Nik Naks Drink of spring water, the King slaughtered in horror Pocket full of trail mix, apple chips and naval ships Gave a girl a wink and went upstairs to drink Call them Alcatraz, Big Warcloud, Alcatraz, Alcatraz Shuffle gun powder barrel but furrow Hit by a thousand dipped arrows and million spears Died standing up, he appears to swig beers Clap and overlap you Cash Rules I stash jewels Read books like Matthew's, shatter you like glass statues Baffling whores is in this healthiest caper It's like tropical birds and reading the mornings paper The news is printed on cheap wood So you don't have to pay very much for your paper At sunrise, eighty eight shots that bust your gut with one rhyme Medicine balls, gymnasium rap is bloody fun time [Chorus 2X] [Warcloud] Aiyo, 'The Long Walk Home', haywire, bent over elderly Hammerhead Shark Men, Tiger Men, my Bible pen Floats a bloody spiralling nightmare, prescribe you gin Blend like Biggie, Iguanas, blues and reds All shades of grey, crystal waters, my pistol slaughters Missiles auto crash your shack this time tomorrow Horror show flow, swivel nose dough that's part cheesy Tear you spine out then climb out the bar as easy See we like to murder rappers, drink heavy liquor and fall out Bad Brooklyn bitches, them chicks stay in the door house Brawl out, L.A. coke sniffing the greediest Rhymes are like elephant graveyards, mischievous I keep you with a heart full of slugs like a Low Life Catch me getting drunk on the hood of a Classic Chevy Cruising, I keep your eye bruising You get pummelled in the tunnel when we rumble then I stumble swigging my booze in Bounce over here 'cause everyday is ____ 1313 Mockingbird Lane Chronicles of beautiful musicals try to disarm me I stomp through your Gingerbread Army, ____ choppy Classic old Chevy's we sky lining like Speedball I feed my battle raps a velvet box of Lady FingersWarcloud - 9 Days of Wine & Roses - http://motolyrics.com/warcloud/9-days-of-wine-and-roses-lyrics.html

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