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Warcloud - Castle Freak of Bone Romania lyrics

[movie sample] I'm afraid you must defeat me first.. hahahaha Do you think I escaped into this water mill? {*sounds of sword fighting*} [Hook: Warcloud] Warcloud as Alcatraz, lyrics you couldn't figure yet I came here to smoke a donut and eat a cigarette [Intro: Warcloud] It's Warcloud, formerly known as Holocaust There could be no other Holocaust Come and get battered and dismantled [Warcloud] Black Roman Trojan with an arm full of corrosion Fighting in a mighty war with a heavy sword that's golden Through the screams and explosions I move while cannons are loaded To dismember a million warriors and arrest by Earth's erosion My devotion is to AWOL rappers and smash tanks We stand on a sea made of glass, the King's a saint I thrust my sword into a cloud, how villains burn The sky broke thunder on a song that no man could learn Warcloud, stone steps red, galactic heartless [Hook 2x] [Warcloud] I drag motherfuckers off into the sewers, they're losers Disrespect, you fail, wind up in Mexican jail Tequila crash fire across your face, I'm off the place Sipping piña coladas in the Bahamas with anacondas And if people get to Hell their thoughts are harmful Pistol pop your ass, chop a rapper's head with a car door The written mental books of many wars, they don't make them anymore Your verbal death, you have heard of the criminology of psychology Brainwash to attack you, I stash a package in a statue Added to the vitality, watch it burn through 'The Realm of Reality' You drop out of a climate, drop your wife down in the hill's grave Verbal 'Pet Sematary', gun men down in the preliminary Bloody construction yard of angry men, still try to change me then Being in the American forces of Saratoga Between 1875 to revolutionize revolution Dusty cannons will barge your harbours Your rap's baffled by 'The Last Castle' [Hook x2] [Warcloud] I found a dead woman in the river painted with makeup At the horse races, champ bounce before I quake up Keep you blown away, keep heavy slugs from the Grey Goose Handle made from Indian wood, used in a jail My black catholic, antediluvian scripture pop you I'm deep, heavy graffiti, now windy driving Tahiti Old Spaghetti Factory Vampire Eat gold diamonds and rubies off of emerald plates Titanium plate ribcages, Hell's Gate I bleed hellfire, son always finish the game Shatter your cranium or vertebrae ceremonial Warcloud is wicked God, found a body down in the Bahamas Stewardess Fear Arcana, an afterlife train station Dirty weapons like frost fruit Molotov caught a log, shadow figures in a world of hog Hungry people of the Miss Liberty Justice Eaten by 'The Children of Twilight' Assassination vacation way down in Champagne, France Gung ho gun fighters and Great Chiefs They used an old sick tree Once for a town criminal jail This December remember the White Buffalo [Hook x2]Warcloud - Castle Freak of Bone Romania - http://motolyrics.com/warcloud/castle-freak-of-bone-romania-lyrics.html

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